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5 Best Spectral Shaping Audio Plugins in 2023

In the world of audio production, achieving the perfect sound is both an art and a science. Musicians, sound engineers, and producers constantly seek ways to shape, mold, and refine audio signals to create captivating and unique sonic experiences. One of the powerful tools in their arsenal is spectral shaping, a technique that allows them

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7 Best FREE EQ Plug-ins to Download in 2023

We have picked 7 inspiring EQ plug-ins that are great tools for audio mixing, or even mastering, and they're all free to download and use. Check out our list of the 7 best free EQ plug-ins to download in 2023. 1. Analog Obsession FIVE The FIVER EQ by Analog Obsession is a superb emulation of

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808XD: Free 808 bass VST instrument by Audiolatry

Audiolatry has introduced a free virtual instrument for Windows and macOS that delivers the sounds of 808 bass. The 808XD plugin contains 31 instrument presets ranging from saturated, distorted, modulated, experimental, and (fairly) clean versions. 808XD’s main theme is dirty, detuned, deep and hard-hitting 808s, which make it suitable for any styles where these types of bass

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Techivation T-De-Esser Pro Review

T-De-Esser Pro is an improved version of Techivation's freeware T-De-Esser and T-De-Esser Plus de-esser effect in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats. Because of the distinctive natural and melodic sound it produces, the Free T-De-Esser Plugin immediately gained popularity following its introduction. Their objective was to produce a de-esser plugin that would smooth

Baby Audio Comeback Kid Review

BabyAudio is a new plug-in developer company, that creates high-quality sounding plug-ins, that can be very useful for both music production and audio engineering. Today we wanna review one of their plug-ins we had the chance to try out in a few mixes, while we will consider reviewing their latest plug-in which has just got

Could you make it a bit more Spiff-y?

Intro Having used oeksound Soothe and the updated Soothe2, it didn't take much for me to have a gander at Spiff plugin when asked. oeksound is a relatively new plug-in company from Helsinki, Finland, founded in 2016 by Olli Keskinen. Their goals are simple as stated on their website, "instead of crowding the marketplace with

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iZotope Ozone 9 Mastering Plugin Review

By Ivo Sotirov As the world embraces AI and machine learning so does iZotope with their 9th edition of Ozone. In September 2019 this mastering suite introduced new features like Tonal Rebalance as well as a Low-End Focus module yet efficiency went up with lower power consumption and faster loading times. Now, a year later,

Sonimus Satson CS Plugin Overview

Using the Sonimus Satson CS as a vocal processor I regularly find myself working in mixes where the number of plugins used across the different tracks is maximizing my computer’s DSP. That is why I’m always interested in new tools to streamline my sessions and make my workflow easier without jeopardizing the sound quality. The

Soothe2 & Spiff

by Oeksound INTELLIGENCE IN OEKSOUND Oeksound, founded by Olli Keskinen, is a small boutique company from Finland that is focused on developing intelligent software. What makes both their plugins (Soothe & Spiff) intelligent is their advanced algorithmic processing reminiscent of AI & machine learning. The category of plugins that I call intelligent is one featuring

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