BabyAudio is a new plug-in developer company, that creates high-quality sounding plug-ins, that can be very useful for both music production and audio engineering. Today we wanna review one of their plug-ins we had the chance to try out in a few mixes, while we will consider reviewing their latest plug-in which has just got released a few weeks ago.

What does the “Comeback Kid” do?

BabyAudio calls this plug-in a “CREATIVE DELAY PLUGIN“, which basically makes total sense. It seems more than just a basic Delay plug-in that creates an echo effect. They seem to have focused on how to make it possible to go more creative with delays, in the fastest and easiest way. Of course, it is always possible to go super creative with all kinds of delay plug-ins, even the stock ones from your DAW, but the special thing about this plugin is that it makes it so easy for you to create unexpected sounds.

There are a number of extra features that come with this Delay plugin. Such as the Tape saturation effect, high pass and low pass filters, stereo widener options, etc. The fact that you have access to all these different features in one interface lets you play around with a new combination of effects to go as creative as you can with using this delay plug-in.

As you can check on their website, they say “There are no sub-menus or hidden features.” which basically means they focused on give you everything very accessible and easy to use. Most Delay plug-ins come with so many options here and there it’s hard to find out what to tweak. Specially when we just don’t want to spend an hour or two on just a delay effect on a snare drum in the hook of your song.

The “Analog Vibe”

The Babyaudio “Comeback Kid” would seem to have a modern and clean interface, but many operations that happen in the backend of this plugin, are built to create an analog sound character. It does create harmonic saturation that would make your audio effects sound as natural as possible. The features like “Swirl” add some warm and organic-sounding phasing effect, or the “Cheap” is a custom 11-bit signal path — modeled after vintage digital delays.

All these options can be very useful for various genres and styles of music. However, it doesn’t mean that BabyAudio’s “Comeback Kid” has been just built to emulate the analog-style sound. There are many artists who would prefer transparent sounding sound effects, either due to their taste or other effects they may consider to add to the sound later.

The Conclusion

BabyAudio does surely seem to be very careful with its designs and development. This plug-in is definitely what we will keep using in our mix sessions. It is a great tool for producers who want to create unique sounds, as well as engineers who want to add more depth and vibe to their mix. This plugin is much more than the price they’ve put on it, which is just $49! Read more about this plugin on BabyAudio’s official website, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

The Musixon Rating: 5 / 5