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  • What does a music producer do

What does a music producer do?

March 7th, 2020|

The term music producer means different things to different people. When many people think of music producers, especially in hip-hop or the electronic dance music (EDM) scenes, they often think of the likes of Calvin Harris, Diplo, Scott [...]

  • Audio Mixing

The truth behind audio mixing

February 4th, 2020|

Audio mixing is an art form, just like writing music. It takes years to understand how to mix and even after you think you're making headway, you realize there is a lot further to go. [...]

  • Protools Session

Mix Automation Basics

January 28th, 2020|

Introduction Your mix is pretty much done and all that time you've spent on it adding processing, effects and trying to find the perfect balance between the tracks adds up to a whole mix. Everything [...]

Upgrading The Monitors To The Mid Price-Range

May 18th, 2018|

I am on the hunt for new monitors for my home-studio and I’d like to share my experience during this process. In this article, we’ll discuss my process of picking new monitors and I’ll [...]

How to Set up Your Home Recording Studio

April 18th, 2018|

Far too many people write on how to set up a recording environment at home but exclude the mixing side of it. In most cases when people record at home, chances are they mix [...]

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