We have picked 7 inspiring EQ plug-ins that are great tools for audio mixing, or even mastering, and they’re all free to download and use. Check out our list of the 7 best free EQ plug-ins to download in 2023.

1. Analog Obsession FIVE

The FIVER EQ by Analog Obsession is a superb emulation of the vintage SSL G-series console EQ. This is unquestionably a workhorse EQ you can use whenever you get to the EQ stage of a mix. It’s amazing that these accurate analog recreations are available for free—unless you’d like to sponsor them on Patreon!

2. Analog Obsession CHANNEV

One of the best recent additions to the free plugin scene is Analog Obsession.

CHANNEV is just one example of their ever-expanding array of free pro-audio tools that demonstrates how well their concept for bringing pro-quality plugins to the public is working.

Don’t pass up this fantastic channel strip EQ that is a jack-of-all-trades that includes a compressor, limiter, overdrive, de-esser, and mic pre-amp.


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3. lkjb Luftikus

A distinctive 20 and 40 kHz “air band” for enhancing frequencies over the hearing range is a feature of the analog EQ called lkjb Luftikus, which is modeled after the well-known Maag EQ4.

Luftikus by lkjb - EQ Plugin VST VST3 Audio Unit

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4. Plugin Alliance SPL Free Ranger

An analog-modeled visual EQ featuring boost/cut points at the key frequencies for musical EQing is the Plugin Alliance SPL Free Ranger.

PA FREE Free Ranger - Plugin Alliance

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5. TDR Nova from Tokyo Dawn

The parallel dynamic equalizer known as NOVA. Each band also has a fully functional dynamics section, which gives the processor the ability to address an amazingly broad range of applications while maintaining the familiar architecture of a parametric equalizer. NOVA provides an elegant solution, whether your great take has a sibilance issue, your master lacks solidity, or the drum bus requests more crispness.

TDR Nova | Tokyo Dawn Records

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6. Sonimus SonEQ

SonEQ is a free equalization plugin that blends components from many pieces of old equipment.

SonEQ – Sonimus

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7. MEqualizer by MeldaProduction

MEqualizer is a 6-band equalizer that is incredibly strong and simple to use. We have developed a flexible plugin with a classic analogue sound, featuring 7 filter types for each band, integrated tube saturation, and harmonics adjustment. Additionally, it offers a sonogram and an advanced visualization that includes a spectrum analyzer.

MEqualizer | MeldaProduction

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