Waves Audio has introduced Waves Stream, an innovative plugin and web player facilitating real-time audio sharing directly from your DAW. This cutting-edge tool empowers users to effortlessly share lossless audio with collaborators, clients, or friends with just a click of a button.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into your collaborative workflow, Waves Stream ensures industry-leading quality, minimal latency, and secure link sharing. Its intuitive interface simplifies the sharing process, allowing you to receive instant feedback or collaborate remotely as if you were in the same room.

Key Features Include:

  • Real-time remote collaboration by sharing DAW audio.
  • Intuitive UI for effortless one-click sharing.
  • Accessible playback via the web player on various devices.
  • Inclusion of a ‘Receiver’ plugin in your license for playback within your DAW.
  • Built-in mic control for direct communication via Waves Stream.
  • Secure and private sharing with one-time links and optional password protection.
  • Convenient QR code for checking your mixes on the go.
  • Flexible sharing options for entire sessions or specific tracks, groups, or buses.
  • Lossless audio quality powered by Waves Falcon codec.
  • Ultra-low latency via peer-to-peer connection.

Waves Stream is available through:

  • Separate monthly ($8.99) or annual ($88.88) subscriptions.
  • Inclusion in Waves Creative Access plugin subscriptions (Ultimate and Essential).
  • Access for Mercury bundle owners with current Waves Update Plan coverage.