Filterverse presents a diverse array of filter algorithms and types, drawing inspiration from classic synthesizers, resonating bodies, surgical multi-peak response curves, and experimental realms. This plugin, also featuring a flexible routing system, extensive modulation options, and a plethora of presets, aims to revolutionize the concept of filter plugins.

Users have the flexibility to select types for up to three filter slots simultaneously, arranging them easily by dragging slots’ tabs. The routing configurations, including serial, parallel, and hybrids, can be effortlessly set in the ‘Routing tab’. Additionally, independent control over dry/wet balance, panning, phase-reverse, and mid-side processing per filter enhances the plugin’s versatility.

Filterverse’s modulation system supports up to eight simultaneous modulators, including an editable sequencer/LFO, ADSR, envelope follower, randomizer, pitch detector, MIDI/CV input, audio-rate oscillator, and Polyverse’s unique “Meta Knob” for adjusting multiple parameters with a single gesture. With stereo modulation capabilities and cross-modulation between sources, users can swiftly create dynamic grooves, harmonic motions, and evolving atmospheres.

Assaf Dar Sagol, Polyverse Founder, states, “Polyverse has always strived to empower its users to focus primarily on creativity. Filterverse thoroughly reimagines the filter plug-in — and also elevates the whole idea of the filter to a true musical tool one might reach for as quickly as a favorite synthesizer or guitar.”

Key Features:

  • Wide variety of classic, experimental, and innovative filter algorithms.
  • Carefully crafted filters with attention to resonance and saturation characteristics.
  • Up to three simultaneous filters with serial, parallel, and hybrid routing options.
  • Eight modulation sources, including a sequencer/LFO, ADSR, envelope follower, and more.
  • Cross-modulation capabilities for complex effects.
  • Stereo modulation, panning, and mid-side processing.
  • Intuitive UI for enhanced workflow efficiency.
  • Compatible with VST2, VST3, Audio Unit, and AAX on Windows and macOS (Intel & Apple Silicon).

Pricing and Availability:

The Filterverse public beta is currently available for $79 from the Polyverse website. Beta testers will receive the full release at no additional cost.

Polyverse encourages feedback during the beta period on their community forums ( and Discord.