GS DSP has announced the launch of Quantum Distortion, a versatile plugin featuring a Saturator, BitCrusher, RingModulator, and Downsampler, inviting users on a journey into the depths of distortion.


  • Saturation: Delve into rich harmonics with custom waveshaping. Control Drive for intensity and Asymmetry for vintage tube amplifier essence.
  • BitCrush: Transform audio into a dynamic mosaic of bits, adjusting intensity and twisting bits with BitWarp.
  • RingModulation: Intertwine audio into a spectral dance, adjusting intensity and frequency in real-time.
  • DownSample: Leap through time with dynamic rate adjustments and introduce chaos with Jitter.
  • XY Pad: Seamlessly navigate between algorithms using the intuitive XY pad, with a dynamic background image for visual feedback.
  • Parameter Randomisation: Explore random sound variations and modulate parameters using various sources like LFOs, Random Generators, Envelope Followers, Macros, and chaotic systems.

Tech Specs:

  • Input Filter: Lowpass / Highpass.
  • Algorithms: Saturation / BitCrush / RingModulation / DownSample.
  • Controls: Tone, Lowpass, Level, Solo for each algorithm.
  • Morphing: Transition between algorithms using the XY Pad.
  • Saturator Output/Input Switches: Drive, Asymmetry, BitCrush, BitWarp, RingMod Amount, RingMod Frequency (20-1000 Hz), Downsample, Jitter, Interpolation, Wet Level, DryWet, and more.

Price: $13.99 (Desktop, VST3, AU, AAX) / $6.99 (iOS, AUv3).

Embark on a sonic adventure with Quantum Distortion, exploring new realms of sound manipulation and creativity.