T-De-Esser Pro is an improved version of Techivation’s freeware T-De-Esser and T-De-Esser Plus de-esser effect in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats.


Because of the distinctive natural and melodic sound it produces, the Free T-De-Esser Plugin immediately gained popularity following its introduction. Their objective was to produce a de-esser plugin that would smooth out the audio without generating artifacts, and they succeeded admirably with T-De-Esser and T-De-Esser Plus, both of which are still available for download for free on their website.

The new T-De-Esser Pro has additional features than the free version, making it a more powerful and flexible de-esser. Most of the new features’ names on the interface may be familiar to you, and you may have seen or used them in other plugins by name.

T-De-Esser Pro, on the other hand, was created by the Techivation team to sound completely different. For example, the plugin’s saturation lends a unique warm flavor to the sound that is unlike anything else.

The plugin’s hi-cut filter smooths out the highs in its own manner, and you can tell it sounds different from how your default EQ would handle it.

With all of these additional functions, it’s no longer simply a de-esser, but also a tool for improving the audio quality of your mixes. T-De-Esser Pro’s oversampling (dubbed “quality”) swiftly clarifies everything, and the “Lookahead” button makes the attack control as smooth as butter!
It costs $90 and includes a lifetime license that allows you to use the plugin on two computers at the same time. That seems to be a reasonable fee for what this plugin does, and quality is never cheap.

Aside from all of the great features, the “custom frequency range” section seems to be more important for experts. Because there are instances when you may need to pinpoint the particular frequencies that are causing harshness and sibilances, this section enables you to choose your own frequency range for the de-esser to function inside. The Free T-De-Esser and T-De-Esser Plus only have four built-in parts, however, you can create your own with this one.
T-De-Esser Pro additionally has a “Mix” option that enables you to de-ess while doing parallel processing! And this is a feature I’ve never seen previously in a de-esser plugin. Another excellent tool for smoothing out the sound in a more subtle approach is this one.
We also have the “Link” and “Mode” sections, which allow you to process the center and side signals of a stereo recording separately, as well as balance the depth of processing between the left and right or mid and side channels.

If you liked their freeware T-De-Esser and T-De-Esser Plus, you’ll probably like their new enhanced version T-De-Esser Pro even more. They provide a 14-day free trial, which you may begin by creating an account on their website.