Eventide releases Misha – Interval-based Instrument & Sequencer for Eurorack

Eventide has released Misha, a new type of Eurorack instrument and sequencer that utilizes a unique, interval-based approach to playing and creating melodies. Features: Innovative 28HP Eurorack instrument/sequencer that utilizes a unique, interval-based approach to playing and creating melodies. Make sound three ways via MIDI, control voltage (with three independent CV and t/g — trigger/gate — pairs),

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A.O.M. releases Invisible Limiter G3

A.O.M. has released a new plugin, Invisible Limiter G3, and updated their plugins to version 1.15.0. Invisible Limiter G3 is the third generation of the Invisible Limiter series coming with significant updates around the fundamental limiting algorithm and oversampling engine. Supporting modern mastering techniques, Invisible Limiter G3's limiter features have been refined and reorganized from the previous

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Techivation Released The T-Compressor – A Serial Compressor with Unique Features

Techivation has launched T-Compressor, their second major release since the T-De-Esser Pro. Here is what they are saying: The team has focused to create an authentic, versatile, and easy-to-use audio compressor plug-in for modern productions. It offers an innovative and brand-new serial compression chain workflow for audio dynamic processing.The T-Compressor follows a similar goal as

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