W. A. Production & KSHMR release “KSHMR Reverb” FX Plugin

W. A. Production and KSHMR have released KSHMR Reverb, a new reverb plug-in. They say: Presenting a stunning next-level reverb plugin from KSHMR & WA Production. This exclusive artist-collaboration is a modern and totally transformative unit with tons of possibilities to shape and sculpt the perfect reverb sound. KSHMR Reverb features state-of-the-art algorithms, a user-friendly interface and

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Produce-RNB releases 4G – Multi-Synth With Sound Fusion

Produce-RNB has released 4G, a new "multi synth and sound fusion plugin" for macOS and Windows (VST/AU). 4G simply stands for "four generators". This multi-synth contains a sampler, wavetable synth, pure synthesis, and FM synthesis. The developer says: 4G actually fuses multiple sounds into one unified sound, creating new, original sounds that have never been heard

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ShaperBox 3 from Cableguys features new Audio Triggering and LiquidShaper.

Cableguys have released ShaperBox 3, a major update to their rhythmic effects plugin for creative mixing and rhythmic inspiration. According to them: "With power-packed upgrades like Audio Triggering, Sidechain View in VolumeShaper, and the new LiquidShaper flanger/phaser, ShaperBox 3 is the go-to plugin for inspiration, musical motion and mixing magic. Each of ShaperBox's nine

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Eventide announces H9 – Harmonizer pedal

Eventide has announced the H9 Harmonizer pedal. Here's what they say: Discover why top artists and producers have chosen Eventide for over 50 years with the H90 Harmonizer next-generation multi-effects pedal. Whether you want high-quality bread-and-butter effects or experimental sounds unheard, the H90 has everything you need to inspire your creativity with an intuitive UI designed with

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Free Plug-in Alert – Techivation releases T-Puncher FREE

Audio software developer, Techivation, announces the release of their new free plug-in, T-Puncher FREE. The company’s goal in developing T-Puncher (Premium) which was released a while ago was an innovative & quick solution for controlling and shaping transients, especially in drums, guitars, and keys. Now, this new free version of T-Puncher allows users to control

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JMG Sound Releases Cryostasis

Cryostasis is a spectral inertia effect that can progressively smear your audio until infinitely frozen in time. It features spectral FX and controls to shape the character of the frozen tail. All are controlled by a continuously variable freeze knob or an auto switch that can be timed in milliseconds or musical measures (double-click). Freeze

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808XD: Free 808 bass VST instrument by Audiolatry

Audiolatry has introduced a free virtual instrument for Windows and macOS that delivers the sounds of 808 bass. The 808XD plugin contains 31 instrument presets ranging from saturated, distorted, modulated, experimental, and (fairly) clean versions. 808XD’s main theme is dirty, detuned, deep and hard-hitting 808s, which make it suitable for any styles where these types of bass

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Eventide releases Misha – Interval-based Instrument & Sequencer for Eurorack

Eventide has released Misha, a new type of Eurorack instrument and sequencer that utilizes a unique, interval-based approach to playing and creating melodies. Features: Innovative 28HP Eurorack instrument/sequencer that utilizes a unique, interval-based approach to playing and creating melodies. Make sound three ways via MIDI, control voltage (with three independent CV and t/g — trigger/gate — pairs),

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A.O.M. releases Invisible Limiter G3

A.O.M. has released a new plugin, Invisible Limiter G3, and updated their plugins to version 1.15.0. Invisible Limiter G3 is the third generation of the Invisible Limiter series coming with significant updates around the fundamental limiting algorithm and oversampling engine. Supporting modern mastering techniques, Invisible Limiter G3's limiter features have been refined and reorganized from the previous

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Techivation Released The T-Compressor – A Serial Compressor with Unique Features

Techivation has launched T-Compressor, their second major release since the T-De-Esser Pro. Here is what they are saying: The team has focused to create an authentic, versatile, and easy-to-use audio compressor plug-in for modern productions. It offers an innovative and brand-new serial compression chain workflow for audio dynamic processing.The T-Compressor follows a similar goal as

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