Techivation Releases the AI-Loudener

Techivation introduces the AI-Loudener, their pioneering AI-powered audio plug-in. Designed to meticulously analyse audio, it employs specialized DSP algorithms to enrich tracks with enhanced loudness, harmonic excitement, and a touch of warmth. According to the developer: “When developing the DSP algorithms for our plugins, we often encounter features or parameters that perform exceptionally well

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Waves Audio unveils Waves Stream – a Plugin and Web Player for Remote Music Collaboration.

Waves Audio has introduced Waves Stream, an innovative plugin and web player facilitating real-time audio sharing directly from your DAW. This cutting-edge tool empowers users to effortlessly share lossless audio with collaborators, clients, or friends with just a click of a button. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your collaborative workflow, Waves Stream ensures industry-leading

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G-Sonique Unveils PA Club Sound System Emulator VST Plugin for Windows

G-Sonique Introduces PA Club SoundSystem Emulator: A VST Plugin for Authentic Club Sound Experience G-Sonique has launched PA Club SoundSystem Emulator, a groundbreaking VST plugin tailored to assist producers in understanding how their tracks will resonate within expansive club environments. This innovative plugin not only replicates the characteristics of club sound systems but also

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Polyverse Music Unveils Filterverse Plugin (Public Beta)

Filterverse presents a diverse array of filter algorithms and types, drawing inspiration from classic synthesizers, resonating bodies, surgical multi-peak response curves, and experimental realms. This plugin, also featuring a flexible routing system, extensive modulation options, and a plethora of presets, aims to revolutionize the concept of filter plugins. Users have the flexibility to select

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GS DSP Unveils Quantum Distortion Plugin

GS DSP has announced the launch of Quantum Distortion, a versatile plugin featuring a Saturator, BitCrusher, RingModulator, and Downsampler, inviting users on a journey into the depths of distortion. Features: Saturation: Delve into rich harmonics with custom waveshaping. Control Drive for intensity and Asymmetry for vintage tube amplifier essence. BitCrush: Transform audio into a

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Free Plugin Alert: SoliderSound’s S Doubler!

SoliderSound, the audio plug-in developer, has unveiled their latest release, S Doubler, now accessible on their website at no cost, albeit with a mandatory account creation process. S Doubler effortlessly adds width and depth to your vocal and instrument tracks. It replicates the psycho-acoustic effects of sound proximity to create a true sense of

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Modalics Launches New “Time Oddity Chorus” Plugin

Modalics has introduced the Time Oddity Chorus (TOC), a groundbreaking modulation plugin designed to bridge the gap between subtle stereo enhancements and intricate, modulated soundscapes. Boasting a distinctive character, versatile modulation options, and a user-friendly interface, TOC promises a seamless and creative modulation experience. The founders of Modalics shared their insights: "Time Oddity Chorus

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Ableton releases Live 12

Ableton Live 12 Now Out: Explore Exciting Features and Enhancements. Ableton has officially launched Live 12, the latest version of its acclaimed music production software, available for purchase on and at various global retailers. If you were among the pre-order customers, you can now conveniently download the software from your account page. Key

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Apisonic Audio Launches Beta Version of Speedrum 2

Apisonic Audio Introduces Speedrum 2: Enhanced Drum Sampler Successor. Apisonic Audio has unveiled the latest iteration of its renowned drum sampler, Speedrum 2, surpassing its predecessor with a range of new and improved features. Key Upgrades from v1.x: 64 Pads with 16 Layers for increased versatility. Pads and Layers Mixer for precise control over

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SampleScience Unveils New Super Lynn Drums Plugin

SampleScience Introduces Super Lynn Drums: A Modern Twist on Classic 80s Drum Sounds. SampleScience has unveiled its latest creation, Super Lynn Drums, a cutting-edge drum module that meticulously recreates the iconic drum sound of the 80s using a blend of FM Synthesis and physical modeling techniques. This plugin takes legendary drum machines like the

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