Apisonic Audio Introduces Speedrum 2: Enhanced Drum Sampler Successor. Apisonic Audio has unveiled the latest iteration of its renowned drum sampler, Speedrum 2, surpassing its predecessor with a range of new and improved features.

Key Upgrades from v1.x:

  1. 64 Pads with 16 Layers for increased versatility.
  2. Pads and Layers Mixer for precise control over your drum sounds.
  3. Pad EQ and Filter envelope for shaping and refining individual elements.
  4. Layer MSEG Volume envelope for dynamic volume modulation.
  5. Buses system with Mixer and Bus FX to streamline your workflow.
  6. Note Sequencer with patterns, randomization, and recording capabilities.
  7. New Browser with unlimited favorites and file filters for efficient navigation.
  8. Numerous smaller additions and improvements for an enhanced user experience.

Speedrum 2 is currently available at a discounted beta price of €59 (regular price €99), offering users an opportunity to explore and experience its advanced features.