Ableton Live 12 Now Out: Explore Exciting Features and Enhancements. Ableton has officially launched Live 12, the latest version of its acclaimed music production software, available for purchase on and at various global retailers. If you were among the pre-order customers, you can now conveniently download the software from your account page.

Key Highlights of Live 12:

Form ideas freely:

  • MIDI Transformations and Generators for creative ornamentation and articulation.
  • Max for Live MIDI Tools for deeper MIDI manipulation.
  • Enhanced MIDI Editor with new editing capabilities.
  • Keys and Scales feature for harmonic exploration.
  • Tuning systems outside of the 12-tone equal temperament.

Modulate more flexibly:

  • Improved control over modulated parameters.
  • Freeze and Flatten feature for streamlined track processing.

Find a new sound:

  • Meld, a 12-voice MPE-capable synthesizer for expressive sound creation.
  • Roar, a versatile saturation tool with various configurations.
  • Granulator III with MPE capability for granular synthesis.
  • New Packs for diverse sounds and instruments.

Clear the path for intuition:

  • Stacked Detail Views for a comprehensive overview.
  • Updated view styling for a cleaner interface.
  • Mixer improvements for enhanced control.
  • Sound Similarity Search and Sample Swapping for efficient sound exploration.
  • Browser tagging for easy organization.

Accessibility and navigation improvements:

  • Enhanced accessibility for visually impaired musicians.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for efficient navigation.

Pricing & Availability:

  • Live 12 Intro: 79 EUR / 99 USD / 69 GBP.
  • Live 12 Standard: 279 EUR / 439 USD / 259 GBP.
  • Live 12 Suite: 599 EUR / 749 USD / 539 GBP.

Existing Ableton Live users can log in to their accounts to explore upgrade pricing options. Don’t miss out on the exciting enhancements that Live 12 brings to the table for your music production journey.