Modalics has introduced the Time Oddity Chorus (TOC), a groundbreaking modulation plugin designed to bridge the gap between subtle stereo enhancements and intricate, modulated soundscapes. Boasting a distinctive character, versatile modulation options, and a user-friendly interface, TOC promises a seamless and creative modulation experience.

The founders of Modalics shared their insights:

“Time Oddity Chorus is the inaugural product in our ‘Time Oddity’ series, featuring a new engine dedicated to producing exceptional modulation and spatial effects. We’re actively developing multiple follow-ups to TOC, with the ultimate goal of offering a comprehensive modulation suite.”

Key Features:

  1. Unique Character: TOC provides a distinct sonic signature inspired by the holistic approach of beloved pedals and devices, setting it apart from other chorus effects.
  2. Intuitive Interface: The plugin’s finely tuned controls make it effortless to achieve high-quality modulation effects that seamlessly integrate into your mix within seconds.
  3. 4 LFO Types: Time Oddity Chorus offers four distinct LFO options, empowering users to tailor the modulation movement to their preferences.
  4. Dynamic Voices Control: The “Voices” control is a potent tool for shaping the depth and dimension of your sound. By manipulating the number of times the audio is duplicated and modulated, users can explore a range from wild detuned tones to lush, expansive chorus effects.
  5. Visual Feedback: TOC features a visualizer that not only serves as eye candy but also provides valuable insight into how the effect modulates the audio signal. This visual feedback enhances user understanding of depth and movement, facilitating more informed adjustments and creative decisions.
  6. Compatibility: Available for Windows and macOS in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats.

Time Oddity Chorus is currently offered at an introductory price of $29, available on the Modalics website (Regular Price: $39). Don’t miss the chance to experience this unique modulation suite that brings a fresh perspective to your audio modulation needs.