Mix Engineer

LEVELS By Mastering The Mix

  I recently received a copy of the LEVELS plugin made by Mastering the Mix. As a mixing engineer, I like all my tools to be simple and intuitive so I can stay focused on the music. The first impression of LEVELS was that the user interface is very user-friendly and looks very clean. It

Interview with Sam Pappagallo

Hi Sam, thanks for taking the time to chat with us.  Tell us a bit about yourself, your production style, and what got you into the studio production world. My name is Sam Pappagallo and I run Screaming Parrot Studios, which is a professional home-based studio located in Pottstown PA which is about 35 miles

Interview with Louis Henry Sarmiento

  Hi Henry, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Overview of yourself, what got you into production, the location of your studio, how long you've been running it, and anything special/unique/interesting about it. Born in New York City, Swedish mother and Colombian father. Started in the music industry at the age

Automating A Mix

  I started my DAW journey back in 1995 on a Windows ‘95 machine running Sound Forge software. The next DAW I encountered was in 2000, on Pro Tools 5 Mix Plus rig to be exact. A buddy of mine had a studio with the original Pro Control and a Yamaha 02R mixer. This was

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