Mastering Engineer

Interview with Mark Shrimpton

Mark Shrimpton - Mastering Engineer at Kingsview Sound My name is Amin and I've had the honor to interview Mark Shrimpton. He's a highly professional mixing and mastering engineer with years of experience and he's going to give us some of those for free! At first, I asked Mark to tell me about himself and

Interview with Adam Chamberlain

  Adam Chamberlain is an audio engineer based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is the Video Production Audio Engineer at Life.Church, a multi-site organization with nearly 30 locations in states across the US and attendance averaging near 100,000 people per weekend. He also works from his home studio, primarily focusing on mastering. He started his

What Is Mastering

  Hey everyone, Mike Piacentini here from Sony Music’s Mastering Studio - Battery Studios! I’ll be working with the Musixon team to create some tutorials and explanations dealing with the topic of Mastering. I’m going to try and demystify some of the nuances and intricacies of what Mastering is, and what you should expect to

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Interview with Alex Rights

  Hi Alex, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Tell us a bit about yourself, your production style and what got you into the studio production world. Ever since I started recording music 10 years ago, I was mostly interested in bus processing and overall tonal balance – the color and

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