Hi Alex, thank you for taking the time to chat with us.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your production style and what got you into the studio production world.

Ever since I started recording music 10 years ago, I was mostly interested in bus processing and overall tonal balance – the color and movement of the song. I always knew I would end up mastering only, I simply wasn’t sure as to when that would become a possibility. All of it started to make more sense a few years ago while working in a critical listening room and training my ears.

I learned the craft through experience, studying music technology in the UK and working in studios at the same time. I learned to trust what I heard and my reaction to the sound.

As a mastering engineer, I work with many genres of music and can switch between completely different styles, and I find that to be very exciting.

Where’s the studio that you work at?

I was lucky to join the very talented guys at Le Lab Mastering, in downtown Montreal, about a year ago. It’s an environment like no other. We master music all day, every day, in a transparent room equipped with only the best tools. I learn so much being here and got better at my craft rapidly.

Le Lab Mastering Studio

What is your favorite piece of outboard equipment and why?

I would say the Millennia NSEQ-4 for its transparency. It’s the first EQ I reach for on every master.

What is your favorite plugin and why?

Fab Filter’s Pro Q. It’s everything I want and more.

Your DAW and why that specifically?

Sequoia. I can hardly image working on another DAW. It sure makes for a great workflow.

Anything you can’t live without?

 Our speakers and room design! That’s something I know I can always trust and that can’t easily be replaced. That’s real value.

Can you tell us about your most interesting studio experience?

The best studio moments are, I’d have to say, every time the music makes me smile! Sometimes I will literally catch myself with a huge smile on my face when pressing play on an album in the studio for the first time. At that moment, I feel very lucky to become a part of that project.

Biggest name you’ve worked with?

A song I mastered recently has been n.1 on the iTunes Francophone chart in Canada for about 3 weeks. Then the album debuted at number 15 on the Canadian iTunes chart (all categories). The artist is a hip-hop duo named Seba & Horg.

Advice/recommendations for anyone thinking to get into the music industry as a mastering engineer.

A piece of advice that’s good not just for mastering is that you’ll need to work very hard and be disciplined. For me, I think my never-ending passion has played an important part.

Biggest influence and why?

Years ago I would look for every existing interview of Greg Calbi.

More recently, the guys at the studio have been influencing me greatly.

Deals/rates/anything you’d like to promote at the moment?

I’d say reach out to me! I really like communicating with clients or future clients.

Artist you’d most like to work with and why?

I’ll give you a top 3!

Damien Rice, for his intimate sound and wonderful stories.

Bon Iver, for the quality of the work behind his sound and the depth and color of his music.

Rhye, for the delicate shimmering timber of the vocals and the dynamic grooves.