SampleScience Introduces Super Lynn Drums: A Modern Twist on Classic 80s Drum Sounds. SampleScience has unveiled its latest creation, Super Lynn Drums, a cutting-edge drum module that meticulously recreates the iconic drum sound of the 80s using a blend of FM Synthesis and physical modeling techniques.

This plugin takes legendary drum machines like the LM1, LM2, Lin 9000, and Linndrum, and elevates them to new heights, offering a contemporary interpretation of these timeless sounds.

Key Features:

  1. Authentic recreation of the classic 80s drum machine sound, utilizing modern production tools.
  2. Four newly designed 80s-style drum kits.
  3. Five variations, providing a total of 20 diverse drum kits.
  4. Incorporates distortion, delay, and reverb effects for enhanced creativity.
  5. Features a sub-oscillator for producing thick, powerful drum tones.
  6. Vinyl and tape layer effects add an organic touch to the overall sound.
  7. Each drum is individually tunable and can be routed to its own output.
  8. Available as a VST/VST3/AU plugin instrument, compatible with both Windows and macOS.

Super Lynn Drums is priced at $20 (USD), offering users an affordable and versatile solution for adding nostalgic 80s drum vibes to their productions.