Techivation has recently launched M-Compressor, a spectral audio compressor plugin compatible with both Windows and Mac. M-Compressor is a sophisticated spectral audio compressor that provides both downward and upward compression, ensuring distortion-free dynamic processing for any sound.

The M-Compressor is designed with dynamic thresholds to guarantee balanced compression across the spectrum. This feature prevents over-compression of low frequencies and under-compression of high frequencies, a common issue with regular compressors. Unlike traditional compressors that adjust the overall signal level based on its relationship to the compressor threshold, M-Compressor operates on the signal spectrum. It compresses individual frequencies based on their levels relative to the spectral threshold curve.

Alongside the conventional downward compression, the M-Compressor introduces a spectral approach to upward compression. In downward compression, the signal level is decreased when it surpasses the threshold. Conversely, upward compression boosts the signal level when it falls below the threshold. This function is particularly beneficial when aiming to enhance the ambiance in the signal or achieve a more aggressive sounding compression.

For scenarios where alterations to the tonal balance are required, the plugin also provides a tilt control for the spectral thresholds. This feature allows users to apply more compression to one part of the spectrum while compressing the rest of the spectrum less.

As an introductory offer, M-Compressor is available at a 63% discount until October 31st. Techivation also provides a special loyalty offer for owners of other premium Techivation plugins, allowing them to purchase M-Compressor for $45. Users who own all other Techivation plugins can avail it for a discounted price of $35.