Soundiron has announced the release of their newest library Sitarion, a virtual electric sitar library for Kontakt designed to harmonize tradition and innovation.

According to Soundiron team:

Chithrinie Nirupama sampled her beautiful custom sitar built by luthier Sanjay Rikhi RAM Sharma. This library fuses the timeless characteristics of the sitar with modern advances of recording techniques, mapping, scripting, and playability. The library also comes with over 3000 live performance phrases spanning 6 different BPMs and 6 roots, utilizing a wide range of keys and scales.

Sitarion includes plucks recorded with 6 velocity layers and 12 round robin for every note possible on the sitar, as well as the Chikari and resonant strings.

Sitarion also has many ornamental articulations: hammer-ons, meends (slide/bend) both up and down with semitone and whole tone varieties, and krinthans (a special Indian technique combining hammer-on and pull-off). These special articulations have multiple dynamics and varying speeds.

All multi-samples include both damped and open variations.

Intro Price: $79 until October 3rd, 2023 (Reg. $99) at