Audio software developer Techivation has released M-Loudener, the first of their new M series audio plug-ins. Here’s what they say:

The M-Loudener is designed to increase the loudness of the sound without losing the sound’s quality or the dynamic range. It is an ideal tool for audio mastering and mixing individual tracks, especially for enhancing punchiness or making the sounds cut through the mix with extra power. This new plug-in features a brand-new GUI (Graphic User Interface) style inspired by the Techivation T series but designed with a more modern approach. The M-Loudener is not only easy to use but also a versatile and effective tool, making it a useful tool for any music and audio professional’s arsenal.

Price: $90.00 There is an intro price of $45.00 USD until March 31st, 2023. Owners of other premium Techivation plugins can get a special loyalty offer of $35.00 USD, and those who own all the Techivation T Series plug-ins can buy it for $25.00 USD until March 31st, 2023.