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Our 5 Favorite Stylish Home Studios

When talk about home studios, first thing that comes to our mind is the audio gear and equipment it requires to get built up. However, there's more than that. Besides the technical equipment, knowledge and of course, the acoustic treatment, here comes the art of creating a vibe that makes you feel so comfortable spending

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Interview with Mischa Jacobi

Intro Hi Mischa,Thank you so much for joining us for this interview. My name is Llane, the founder at Musixon and I’d appreciate you sharing your experiences and general ideas for our community to improve their music career. As you know the music industry like any other keeps changing and now we’re at a place

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Interview with Matthew S / Matteo Scapin

Music Producer & Sound Designer Thank you so much Matthew for participating in this interview My name is Llane, the founder of Musixon. Here at Musixon, we always search for finding inspiring people in the music industry to share their knowledge and experience with other music professionals or beginners out there. Let’s start by introducing

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Intro The Berlin-based analog gear-maker Tegeler Audio Manufaktur are carving their own vision for analog processing rather than copying older proven designs. Earlier this year we reviewed their Creme and Tube Summing Mixer, which were both exceptional devices. Now it’s time for their Magnetismus 2. As its name suggests this device draws inspiration from magnetic

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