When talk about home studios, first thing that comes to our mind is the audio gear and equipment it requires to get built up. However, there’s more than that. Besides the technical equipment, knowledge and of course, the acoustic treatment, here comes the art of creating a vibe that makes you feel so comfortable spending long hours making music.

Many of us, music professionals love anything about music and audio world and it’s fancy for us to have a beautiful home studio while it’s considered our working place. So why not making it look stunning? You’ll feel much better creating music in studio, stay fresh longer and most importantly your Instagram followers will appreciate you…

So let’s talk about our 5 favorite home recording studio setups this week! It was difficult because we have so many beautiful studios out there but we tried our best to pick 5.

1. Home Studio of Tony Anderson

Music producer and “Manager of a struggling Burger King restaurant in North Dakota” as he says in his bio. His studio looks really beautiful with all that green texture, mixed up with the wooden material and the GEAR! He has some really good photography skills too!

Make sure to check him, he captures some beautiful shots. Plus, here’s his website: www.tonyandersonmusic.com in case if you want to know more about him.
“I choose to use melodies rather than words to express what I’m feeling.” – That’s a quote by him. I think it’s a nice one.

2. Home Studio of P. K. Stephan

Such beautiful collection of gear (Especially the synths) and that Persian rug, and the natural light coming from the side makes it a heaven. Imagine, a cloudy and rainy day, sitting here, drinking your coffee and playing around with that MOOG… you get that.

Make sure to check out his profile. He frequently posts fresh studio related content full of good vibe.

3. Home Studio of Zach Skelton

Zach is also one of those artists with special taste. Like very SPECIAL! If you’re going to work on a song here, you’ll end up spending more time you’d imagine in here. The reason why he’s always 5 minutes late, is probably because it’s surely difficult to get out of his studio… makes total sense. #goals

Make sure to give him a follow on Instagram BECAUSE he also has a Cookie Monster wall-art hanging there…

4. Home Studio of Thomas Toner

A really nice dude with a beautiful home studio. The hardwood floor, the Persian rug (*again), the green, and of course the GEAR! All these show his taste, and it’s amazing! Definitely the desk is special too.

Make sure to check out his Instagram. Dude’s a great musician!

5. And The Last Picked Home Studio is the Tiny Tape Room

I personally love this studio owned by Kyle Monroe. Though, we’re showing you a tiny part of the tiny tape room which is more like the home studio setup part. He’s got a lovely place with different rooms for recording different material… We actually interviewed Kyle back in 2017 and so we shared the video below as well.

Our interview with Kyle back in 2017

Make sure to follow him and show some love, he’s a very nice dude! Always making amazing content and of course amazing music.

So like I said, it was quite challenging for us to choose 5 because there’re too many beautiful setups out there; but we may wanna do this more frequently and introduce you to more people with beautiful home studios. Hope these have given you some inspiration. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below!

Written by Llane-A Musixon Founder