Tegeler Audio TSM

If you have been following my writing you would know the previous article I wrote was reviewing the

Tegeler Audio Creme

The Company  Led by Michael Krusch, the tiny boutique tech company from Berlin called Tegeler Audio Manufaktur is


By Antelope Audio The compressor I want to talk about today probably isn’t worth living for, but it

The Satson CS By Sonimus

  INTRO Sonimus is an audio production plugin manufacturer and designer which creates very unique sounding and useful

HammerAudio HA-872

A small startup from the UK is hammering out the cloning competition and are even going a step

Barefoot Footprint 01

When most audio professionals (artists, producers, engineers, mixers) hear the name Barefoot they associate it with unaffordable speakers

GEN X-1 By Stylophone

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4xQwi55YQg&t=50s Oliver Gräfen doing a review of Stylophone GEN X-1 for Musixon. Oliver Gräfen - Music Producer