A surprisingly large portion of an audio engineer’s day is consumed by transferring files for clients. Keeping track of file versions that are uploaded, maintaining organized folders, and ensuring you’re following up on notes provided by the client can often be a headache. Well, now you have the option to save yourself the headache along with some time by using Vollume Control.

Now you can Forget about downloading stems from one platform than trying to decipher corresponding notes sent via email. Forget worrying if the client will remove all the files from a folder instead of copying them. Forget the back and forth neuroscience you need for communication between the studio DAW and your personal laptop.

Share samples, stems, session files, song bounces, playlists, and albums all in the same secure platform using Vollume Control. Exchange notes on work in progress or adjustments that need to be addressed. Drag and drop between any DAW and Vollume with ease. Access your files wherever you are thanks to the backup and sync features. Sounded commercial? Haha, it’s really that good!

It sounds simple because Vollume Control makes everything simple. You can handle your file sharing for your entire team along with all your clients from one user-friendly interface. Like many engineers, my business was forced to go entirely remote over the past year but my only real regret is that I didn’t discover Vollume Control sooner.

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Written by Matthew Borland an audio engineer, music producer and the owner of Natural Selektion Labs